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The last time we dropped some recommended content, you guys seemed to like it. Here’s a sneak peek at what the ILU Team has been listening to, reading, and watching over the past couple weeks.



2000, Joey Bada$$


A sweet mixture of intricate lyrics over smooth beats keeps the ILU Studio in a good mood. Whether you’re having your morning coffee, or getting stuck into an afternoon project — the majority of these tracks match the vibe perfectly.



21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John C. Maxwell


Leadership is a necessary skill that we believe every individual should put in effort to build. For some of us it comes naturally, but for most it does not. It’s said that your level of success is capped by your ability to lead others — that should be all we need to say for you to want to dive into this classic, practical handbook to develop your leadership skills.



North Hollywood


When it gets to the weekend, sometimes you just need a good, fun flick to sit back and watch. This movie explores the niche world of becoming a professional skateboarder. The plot is fun, the cinematography is on point, and Vince Vaughn’s return displays a classic, believable, and relatable side-character performance. A great ‘coming of age’ flick for your Friday evening.

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