Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins



Recommended by: Valentin Ozich (Founder / Creative Director of I Love Ugly).

For those that know our story know how impactful Tony Robbins was to me. Like any business, I Love Ugly had its own set off challenges over the last few years. From being on top of the world to being on the brink of bankruptcy. What turned things around and helped us defy all odds? Mindset and psychology.

Mustering up the courage is one thing, but actually knowing how to tap into those tools and tactics is another. 

One day I was having a terrible day, riddled with anxiety and picked this old beat-up copy of Awaken the Giant Within that was lying around my house. The first page stood out to me and made complete sense. The rest of the day was spent at home reading the whole thing. I had never had such clarity and change of perspective from a single book. Everything Tony said was spot on. The biggest lesson was the way I felt about life was a direct response to how I decided to think about it, good or bad. External factors I can't control so much, but I can 100% control how I react and feel internally. I learnt how to stay motivated, how to deal with pain and use it as a tool rather than a burden. I learnt how to become the best version of my self.

I highly recommend this book. He's one of the OGs of personal development. I have been to 3 of his 5 days seminars and can genuinely say he's helped sculpt who I am today.


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