020 — A Conversation with Fraser Grut


On this episode, we sit down with Auckland based filmmaker, Fraser Grut. For those that are unfamiliar with Frasers work, he runs a movement called '10,000 Dreams', where every single day for 10,000 days (27 years), he films a different person answering the question - "What’s your dream?". He began this project in 2016 and will finish it in 2044 at age 50. His goal, is to build a culture around dreams that inspires people to pursue them. Frasers life mission is one of the most ambitious and inspiring projects we have come across.

In this episode we go into the backstory about why he started this project, how he's managed to film the dreams of high profile celebrities like Mark Cuban, Chris Hadfield and many more, and lastly the importance of why everyone needs to dream big and to pursue it.

This episode is sure to help inspire your new year ambitious.


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