Welcome to the I Love Ugly Audio Show my names Valentin Ozich, Creative Director and Founder of I Love Ugly. On this episode we sit down with New Zealand Entrepreneur Robett Hollis.

For those that are unfamiliar with Robett’s background, he is an Ex-Professional National Champion Snowboarder, a Multi-Exit Entrepreneur, Author, FORTUNE 100 Content Consultant, Global Speaker, and was named as one of the Top 3 Most Influential New Zealanders on LinkedIn. After exiting his portfolio of companies, Robett’s new mission is to inspire more people to say #YesToSuccess and help destroy New Zealand’s Tall Poppy Syndrome. In 2018 he helped launch a 50 million dollar initiative to help more growing companies win in business. In this episode, we dive deep and discuss how and why he got into business, what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, why failure is an important learning tool, and a few tips, tricks and routines that Robett uses that could help you on your path to success.

Like all my guests, I like to go deep and extract as much value as I can, and this episode is no different. There’s some golden nuggets in here that I’m sure you can translate to using in your own lives.

Enjoy the episode.

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