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A Recap On The Past 15 Years — ILU 15 Year Anniversary

A Recap On The Past 15 Years — ILU 15 Year Anniversary

15 years ago, I ignited the spark that would later become I Love Ugly – as the embodiment of my relentless passion for art and design. These were the formative days, brimming with the kind of energy that keeps you awake into the early hours, eager to bring your ideas to the world.

I Love Ugly, wasn't just a random assortment of words; it was a deliberate choice, a testament to my unwavering commitment to art and creativity. I believed it would not only captivate but also ignite curiosity, as it was destined to become the banner under which a groundbreaking clothing brand would emerge.

For me, this name was the mirror through which I reflected my unique perspective on the world and the way I would describe my art. It was about unearthing the unconventional, about being the outlier, standing apart from the crowd while upholding an unblemished and clean aesthetic along the way. It was, and still is, a marriage of my passion with creativity and beauty in all its forms.
For me, I Love Ugly is more than just a brand; it embodies a movement and a culture that surpasses the ordinary. What initially started as a modest concept has flourished into a brand worn by customers worldwide, empowering individuals to embrace a life of boundless potential. It urges them to break free from conventional limits, embrace creative exploration, and boldly embark on new ventures. At I Love Ugly, we champion taking risks and pursuing our passions. It's about stepping out, giving our absolute best, and leaving our mark on the world.
I believe that every 10 years or so, a special brand is born. One that encompasses unique elements such as its name, its style, its ethos and the garments it produces to become something remarkable that the world yearns for and believes is missing in their lives. I believe I Love Ugly is one of those brands.

- Valentin Ozich

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