Flat-Lays from the Archive

Here’s a bit of nostalgia from the archive — a collection of vintage flat-lays from the ILU Vault, Circa 2012-2014.

We’ve always paid very close attention to detail, not only when it comes to making cool sh*t, but also when styling and photographing it; Here’s the history to show.



Who thinks we should bring these flat-lays back? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

P.S. Keep an eye out for some of these classic objects making a return in our Auckland stores.


Tbh I first ever love with ILU 8 years was their unique design and attention to details unlike other brands back then just copy and pasted, back then ILU still a fresh air to NZ but whenever I put on their fits everyone was amazed and asked what’s the brand bro. I was chill as “ ILU from NZ brother”, they goes “ no way from NZ “

Past 3 years just a little abit down as not much unique piece has been out.
I would love to see ILU be on their on way of design and standout once again.

Gee August 10, 2022

i would love the old watches the silver and gold ones

Ronillo galado August 10, 2022

Love the horsey shorts

richard jonathan rhodes August 10, 2022

Yes!!!! I remembered i used to own a pair of graffiti Collection pants , Shirt and Parka. And i owned the classic Drop Croch Harem pants. I also remember purchasing the Navy Blue Zespy Flag pants paired with the Orange-Yellowish Crosby Shoes. Than due to sizing I gave all my ILU clothing to my Nephew and he looked even better than i did in that clothing. He would always tell me he would always get complements at his high school, man do I miss those collections, bring them back ILU! Bring back the classic looks! I can just imagine how much money i will spend, not that that’s a bad thing ;)

Jose Romero August 10, 2022

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