How to land your dream job


Dive deep into what makes up the company's DNA. What are the philosophies they believe in, what is their mission and purpose. Know this like the back of your hand. Become obsessed with the brand, find out who the founder is and what makes them tick. Use all the information you've gathered to your advantage when you eventually find a way to meet with someone at the company.



Before taking the leap, constantly question yourself. "Do I genuinely align with the mission of this company". Do you believe in their product or service. Can you actually do the job at hand. You need to be honest with yourself. List the reasons why you want the job. Read it to yourself over and over again. If you feel like your reasons are legitimate, take the next step.



No experience? No worries. Don’t let that scare you. Create the experience needed for the job you want. Learn and practice the skills needed. Google and YouTube will become your best friends. Start a small side hustle around the industry you're trying to get into, freelance, find an internship or reach out and do work for free. Experience can be established many ways. Seek and take action. Don’t make excuses.


Online Presence

Your future employer will google you, that’s a fact. If your online presence is shit, clean it up. Delete posts on your social media that may hinder your chances of getting your dream gig. Blogging or vlogging is an effective way to build online presence. Post valuable content around topics to do with the industry your dream job is apart of. This shows you're knowledgeable about the industry. If you don’t have an online presence don’t worry, just have case-studies and examples of past work ready to show.


The Human Connection

When you secure the interview make sure to build rapport. One thing interviewers love to see apart from work experience is the interviewees enthusiasm for the brand. Create a genuine connection with the interviewer. Use personal anecdotes of when and how the brand has impacted your life. It can be funny, sad, heartfelt or inspiring experiences. Just draw on emotion. Emotion creates authenticity and memorability, that’s what you want when competing against a large pool of potential candidates.


Persist and Repeat

If it turns out you did not get the job, don’t do what 98% of people would do; accept defeat. Instead ask the employer why you didn't get the job. Ask them what you could do better next time round. This shows great character and creates a good impression because you are demonstrating the eagerness to learn and develop yourself. Sometimes this could even make the interviewer reconsider and give you the job, trust us it's happened. If all else fails find the next opportunity and repeat these steps.

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