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I Love Ugly x Bailey Nelson - Studio Day

I Love Ugly x Bailey Nelson - Studio Day

We know we've teased the f*** out of this project, but why not!? We've thrown everything we've got into this project, and now with the release only days away we want to do our best to make sure every one of our fans see it. We have shown you the ins-and-outs (which most other brands are scared to do), from the film development, the process of designing them all the way to the finished product. Here's the final 'ambiguous' clip before the global launch of our I Love Ugly x Bailey Nelson collab on Feb 28. This video gives you a little taste of what's to come from the campaign photoshoot plus a few other dope projects we have been working on, on the side. Releasing globally Feb 28. Mark the date on your calendar, and tell a friend. #iloveugly @baileynelsonnz @baileynelsonuk @baileynelsonca @baileynelson

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