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ILU Diaries: 001 - "Release Week"

ILU Diaries: 001 - "Release Week"

We're pretty excited to introduce our latest behind the scenes series, entitled the I Love Ugly Diaries.

Designed to offer you a monthly or fortnightly (depends on what’s going on in our world) glimpse into our world, how our brand is run and what goes on behind closed doors. You get to become a fly on the wall, and witness snippets of our meetings, and random conversations between our team members and friends of ILU. Let us know what you think and better yet what you would like to see and hear more of.

The first episode follows the lead-up to the release of our latest collection, the Apricot Ivy Collection, and the photoshoot that accompanies it. Plus a spiel from our founder about innovation in the fashion industry. Enjoy, give us any feedback and share with anyone you think will appreciate it. ILU.

Check out the first instalment below. 

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