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Back in early 2016, we featured Chester Watson for our “The Odd, The Beautiful video series”. Fast forward to 2017, where we catch up with Chester Watson to discuss his current lifestyle, musical ambitions and content recommendations. Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy.
ILU: Hey Chester, thank you for taking the time to spare a moment with us. Back in 2016, we received an overwhelming response to the ILU x Chester Watson gig back in our LA store; your presence and loyalty to the brand truly brought everyone together in that space. How’s life been treating you so far into 2017?
CHESTER: Hey ILU, always a pleasure to sit down for a chat, and an honour to represent. Right now my lifestyle has been very vagabond-esque.. I’ve been back and forth from Georgia and Florida; between the homies' and my mom's place in Georgia just because I'm indifferent. A few months back I was thinking about moving out to Miami, but wasn’t sure if was the wisest thing for me financially and lifestyle wise. It has it's major benefits and major detriments but it's just the debate of whether that's a risk that will pay off or ultimately be a setback. So I was juggled that decision along with the music. Recently I set on the move to Florida, so that’s up next.
ILU: Best of luck for the move! Previous to the LA gig, in 2015 we collaborated together on an episode for “The Odd The Beautiful” series. You’d briefly mentioned your previous involvement in ballet; something that perhaps your musical fans wouldn’t necessarily know about. How did ballet come about and fall into the picture of now?
CHESTER: Ballet stemmed from me dancing and singing when I was younger. I'd just wanted to experience something different. My mom kinda gave me the extra push towards doing ballet and she was super supportive. Always has been. I get some of my musicality from ballet. I had a phase where I would sample a lot of orchestral strings from records. It's interesting how modern and relevant classical music can actually be within the right context.
ILU: Yeah man, context definitely is key. So where’s your focus currently appointed with creating your own music?
CHESTER: I just started playing guitar so I'm really focusing on that. It might take me away from rapping a bit just because I think it would be cool to record some demo's in a different style than the mellow monotonous stream of consciousness that I've become almost synonymous with. I haven't figured it out yet but I want to break out of that style in a way that isn't towards trap music I guess. I've been getting into a lot more bands than ever before in my life. So just listening a lot more and acting less publicly is what I've been recalling to.
ILU: Any other projects in the works too?
CHESTER: I've been working on producing Kent Loon's upcoming project so mine has been somewhat on the back burner for now. I've been making the connections that I want to make for my upcoming project though so it's always in motion. The band Bad Bad Not Good (@badbadnotgood) followed me on Twitter yesterday so hopefully something comes of that.. Would be beyond amazing.
ILU: Music aside, it’s always great to sit down and chat with you - we find that you’ve always promoted a sense of wisdom and clarity despite your youthfulness. What’s one way that continue to do this?
CHESTER: I’ve been linking up with a lot of different people lately. Just trying to be more accessible in a way. You can learn a lot from conversation. Not really much small talk anymore, I try to keep subject matter around me mind-expanding. It's beginning to rub off on my friends, which is really nice.
ILU: Well thank you for taking a moment with us, it’s much appreciated. As previously discussed, we’re planning to have an open I Love Ugly reddit forum live in the next few days, do you have any content recommendations for our loyal following?
CHESTER: My pleasure - it’s always an honour. The I Love Ugly recommendations are always so on point, I love those too. I'm excited to see how the subreddit develops that's going to be amazing.
I'm really feeling Kendrick Lamar's song "YAH" from the album DAMN. as well. Really nice piece of work, I was so inspired by it. Kung Fu Kenny. The Delian Mode: Delia Derbyshire, Analog Pioneer. She made the Dr. Who theme song. Alan Watts - The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are. "Witchcraft It's Power in the World Today”, My absolute favourite book of all time and written by William B. Seabrook.


ILU: Some really good recommendations there, Kendrick's new album's been on repeat at the studio. I haven't read that book by William B. Seabrook, will be sure to have a look into it! Thanks again Chester, best of luck for the upcoming projects and move; we'll be sure to keep in touch.
CHESTER: Thank you for the kind wishes, especially looking forward to jumping on with the live reddit forum on Friday. If I can help with anything else just let me know. Always an email away. Wishing the rest of the team peace and prosperity.

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