Staff Profile: Dayton

Get to know Dayton —  a Senior Branch Manager and familiar face at our flagship Newmarket Store. As well as being our resident problem solver, Dayton is a charismatic leader, is super approachable and has wicked personal style. Learn more about his ILU experience, motives for customer service excellence and personal goals.

How long have you been working at I Love Ugly, and what drew you into the brand in the first place?

I’ve been at I Love Ugly for about three years now. My introduction to the brand came from a friend who was working at the Newmarket Store originally. After I visited the Newmarket store around 4 years ago the general vibe of the store was what made me fall in love straight away. The solid service and detail instore were something I’ve always been a fan of and try to uphold ever since my first visit.

What do you enjoy most about your role, and what makes it unique compared to other retail positions?

My favourite part of the role, as cliche as it sounds, is serving customers coming in and out. Although managing a solid and tight team is fun, alongside Sarah and Kevin our Commercial Bay & Sylvia Park managers, my favorite part will always be talking to new and old customers every day. With us being a smaller retail environment, I do get to experience a lot more meaningful interactions with customers and get to take my time within that making every day enjoyable. With I Love Ugly currently targeting a such a large and unique audience, every experience I have instore is always so unique and fun.

Transitioning from a larger retail setting, one genuinely comes to appreciate the meaningful nature of each individual experience and maintaining and delivering on the expectation of meaningful experiences has been a pivotal factor in my enduring commitment to the role over an extended period.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My routine typically begins each morning with a proactive activity, whether it involves going to the gym, taking a stroll around Mount Eden, or having coffee at Chur Bae. I firmly believe that cultivating positive mornings establishes a foundation for a successful day ahead.

Each morning, I clean up, rearrange merchandise, and play some music. Since my first visit to the store, creating a good vibe and ensuring cleanliness for customers has been my top priority. By the end of the day, I find it imperative to engage in a similar routine, ensuring that the environment is conducive to success for whoever takes on the responsibilities the following day.

Most days I get to fit in coffee dates with my partner who works nearby – which always makes the day a little more exciting.

Are there any memorable experiences or interactions with customers that stand out during your time here?

My most cherished experience involves a customer I encountered who had traveled all the way from America. Expressing a keen interest in the brand, he shared his frequent overseas shopping experiences, particularly in LA, and exhibited a genuine passion for our products. Witnessing his enthusiasm during his inaugural in-store experience in New Zealand was particularly enjoyable. Despite the customer not making a purchase on that specific visit, spending about an hour engaged in conversation, discussing the brand, and learning about his experiences left a lasting impression. It was gratifying to realise how a modest New Zealand brand could deeply resonate with someone residing so far away. The connection persisted, as I had the opportunity to meet him during my visit to the United States late last year. This encounter exemplifies a key aspect of working at I Love Ugly that I value—namely, the belief that a positive customer experience transcends mere transactions.

What is your personal fashion style, and how do you incorporate it into work?

I like to keep my outfits simple every day. The white Heavy Box Tee is my go-to, and you’ll probably catch me wearing it if you visit the store. I look up to guys like Devin Booker, so I try to keep my style clean and straightforward. With us being a streetwear brand I do get the chance to experiment a lot, but I usually stick to something like Clean Carpenters, Quincy Pleated Shorts, or the Winston pants with a white tee.

What’s have been your favourite pieces of clothes from the recent clothing?

Among the recent releases, the Jaades Highway Box Tee stands out as one of my favorites. While I typically opt for simpler tees, the art featured in the latest Jaades Collection has captivated my appreciation. Another notable piece in my collection is the Quincy Pleated Shorts in black. The versatility of these shorts make them a standout choice for various occasions. With the prevailing trend of pleated bottoms in recent months, the Quincy Pleated Shorts have become a staple in my wardrobe.

Can you share any tips for customers looking to enhance their shopping experience in your store?

My primary suggestion for customers seeking enhanced experience is to engage in conversations with our staff during their visit to the store. Whether the purpose is to inquire about specific products or simply share details about their day, any interaction is valued. Despite the laid-back and relaxed environment within our store, our team remains highly attentive to the requirements and preferences of customers, ensuring a responsive and accommodating service for anyone coming in & out.

What does life outside look like for you, and where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Outside of I Love Ugly, things have gotten pretty busy. I recently got engaged, which has been a blast planning. Also, I’ve been doing some training and watching footy for some chill time. After graduating last year, my hope is to dive into the marketing scene, where my passion lies. The next five years might see me doing something cool in that field.

Say hello to Dayton, and the rest of the ILU retail team in-store today.

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