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Staff Profile — Kevin

Staff Profile — Kevin

Meet Kevin — Branch Manager and a familiar face at our Sylvia Park Store. We caught up with him to learn more about his experiences at ILU and more.

How long have you been working at I Love Ugly, and what drew you into the brand in the first place?

I’ve been with the company since November last year, so we're creeping up on a year soon! I think one of the main things that drew me into working here was the atmosphere. I remember there always being a nice vibe when I used to come in to shop as a customer. The team was always very welcoming and I knew I wanted to work in that kind of environment.

What do you enjoy most about your role, and what makes it unique compared to other retail positions?

I think my favorite part of the job would have to be making people happy. I'm a big believer in look good and feel good, so helping customers find a fit or even a piece of clothing that they not only look good in, but feel confident in, really makes what I do fulfilling! I think I Love Ugly is one of the few retail brands that you can really deliver that kind of service with that kind of confidence because the quality is there to back it.

Do you have a favourite ILU piece? How do you incorporate it?

I've got a couple pieces that I love. I think the box hood is a classic, a staple piece that's needed in every wardrobe. But my go to at the moment would have to be the Wyatt denim shorts. They've got a beautiful silhouette, wide leg opening, hold their shape really well and go with almost anything. I love pairing the box hood with the Wyatt denim shorts and a box tee underneath! The fit is so simple yet so clean when done well!

Are there any memorable experiences or interactions with customers that stand out during your time here?

One of my favorite interactions was when a customer came in to shop for the first time, not knowing much about fashion, but really wanted to learn how to dress. He spent a bit of time in store and we went through everything from top to bottom and got him fitted into pieces that complimented him well, but also pieces that matched his sneaker collection. The whole time, we chatted about basketball and sneakers, things we both had a passion for which was cool. A couple days later, he came back in to drop off a gift for me. He got me a few NBA collector cards from my favourite team (New York Knicks) as a thank you! Shoutout to Tim, you're a legend bro.

How would you describe your personal style?

I think my personal style is very unique. I am heavily influenced by New York and Tokyo, but as a bigger guy, not many things fit me well, so I've taken different pieces from different styles and kind of found my own little lane of fashion. It plays heavily on silhouettes and proportions that suit me. I've got a bit of that 90's/00's streetwear, mixed with some Japanese inspired style and some shoes from your grandads closet. A typical fit would be a boxy crop tee, with an oversized jacket/hood, really baggy pants, a crossbody bag and a pair of Asics.

Is there anyone or anything you take inspiration from in your own style?

I'm very grateful to have some insanely stylish people I can call friends. Big shoutout especially to Randy Sjafrie as he was the guy that got me inspired with the way he dressed and how unique he was as a person. Joshua Heares and Jordan Gibson are also some of my biggest influences when it comes to fashion. Whether it be putting together unique colour combinations, matching different styles or dressing with amazing proportions. The body of work they have has helped me find my own style.

What draws you to fashion?

I love the creative freedom it brings. To be able to experiment and express yourself through how you dress is a beautiful thing. Fashion has opened my eyes to not only the beauty of the finished product, but all the thought and work that goes into bringing the garment to life.

What advice would you tell your future self?

To take every chance you get and live without regrets. Life is too short to live filled with regret.

What does life outside look like for you, and where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Hopefully I'll be somewhere in Tokyo or New York working in fashion, but most importantly, loving and living life with my beautiful partner.

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