The Comfort Zone

We thought it was about time to highlight this again, for those who are unfamiliar, this graphic has been a driving force behind what we do both as individuals and as a business. Many of us, including us, have established a comfort zone in our lives. We’re just coasting along taking the path of least resistance and just getting by.
This is an extremely common and understandable attitude. We’ve all worked hard to get where we are and it may seem a good place to be. However, the problem with this is that once we stop reaching, stretching, seeking, and risking, we actually stop growing.
A couple of weeks ago our Founder and Creative Director, Valentin Ozich, featured on a hot seat talking about international expansion in business. V spoke on the ups and downs of ILU and the path he took to get the business to where it is today.
There were a number of key points he touched on but a pivotal moment was the complete breakdown of the business in 2017 when ILU was nearly wiped off the map, and V targeted his compliance with living in a comfort zone as a driving force for this. The danger of a comfort zone is that it doesn’t hurt, it feels good, and you won't realise you're in it until you're too deep in it.

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