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Then + Now With Gabe Vincent  — 15 Year Anniversary

Then + Now With Gabe Vincent — 15 Year Anniversary

We sat down with Gabe Vincent, an NBA player who went un-drafted and came up through the G-league, to then play with the Miami Heat for four seasons, before being signed with the Los Angeles Lakers this off-season. We chat to him about his journey to the NBA, his determination, hard work, and dedication to pursuing his basketball dreams.

You originally went undrafted and then came up through the G-League. How do you think this has shaped your career to date? What do you see are some of the advantages / disadvantages?

I think that my journey of being undrafted and spending time in the G-League has increased the chip that I carry on my shoulder. It has helped install an edge in me in which I bring into every form of competition. The advantages of this is that I am and have been able to push myself much harder and further than I would have been able to without an added motivation. My journey and path while different than most and different than the glamorous green room on draft night has played a major role into me being where I am now.  
You had an incredible playoffs last season, going to the Finals after starting in the play-in tournament. What does it take emotionally to compete on that level every second night?  

The playoffs are an amazing atmosphere to compete in. The pursuit of a championship takes everything you have both emotionally and physically. The level of focus that is required when every possession could be the difference maker needed to win is what sets it apart.  

What are you going to take from your time with the Heat, and the much talked about “Heat Culture”, to the Lakers?     

My time with the heat really showed me what can be accomplished when individuals come together rallied behind a common goal. I’ve learned what it means to sacrifice for your teammates who are going to war with you every night. The lakers, a prestigious organization are no strangers to winning and championships im excited to see what I can learn during my time with them.  

Growing up, who were your basketball role models or influences? How did their journeys impact your own aspirations and drive to succeed in the sport? 

My basketball role models growing up were a number of people. I liked to study the game to see if I could take from others and add to my own game. Some of the names from home that were big for me were Chuck Hayes and Adrien Oliver. I was also a big Allen Iverson fan as well as Lebron and Kobe.   

What aspect of your playing style do you consider your defining strength on the court, and how have you worked to refine and expand that skill over the course of your career?   

I think my greatest strength on the court is my competitiveness which translates especially defensively. Although offensively my jump shot has helped me separate myself and be effective. I have worked diligently to expand my game and grow in a number of ways to help me get to this point now. I will continue to work in attempt to continue to reach new heights. 

What advice would you tell your younger-self?   

I would tell my younger self to chase your dreams. Don’t allow others doubts to become your truth.

What lessons have you learned from your past? Or What lesson did you learn the hard way?   

I have learned a lot by observing others. Observing what worked well for them and what didn’t. I had to learn patience the hard way by dealing with and recovering from a couple injuries. Life forced me to slow down and embrace the adversity I was in. It was the only way to overcome it and prevail.  

Why is evolution important to what you do and who you are and where you want to go?    

Change is inevitable as it is a part of growth. The world we live in is constantly evolving as well as my sport. Curiosity has been a crucial trait for me in continuing to evolve and grow as an athlete and an individual.  

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