Then + Now With Chester Watson — 15 Year Anniversary

Chester Watson is an Atlanta based surrealist and musician who, since the age of 15, fuses an array of music styles to create his own sound. With a major hip-hop influence, Watson seeks to discover new and experiential sounds that challenge the expectation of a hip-hop artist. He focuses on creating music that evokes high-consciousness and is special in the way he delivers stories and messages through his music.

As an artist with a distinct voice, What inspires you and how do these inspirations translate into your music? 

I would say that both life's amorphousness and the supernatural inspire and always have. i think it’s really about the process of interpretation; how feelings or vibrations were molded into the physical to make sense- past, present, and future. the way that things and ideas and cultures blend and melt into each other to create the experience of life is inspiring to me.

Sonically, being able to create and translate sounds from scratch gives body to my emotion or thoughts; same with writing, just a bit more direct most times. I think just in the overall vibe and way that i present my music, a lot of my inspirations are felt. 

How has your artistic style transformed in the last 5 years? Are there elements from your early days that still resonate in your current work?  

Over the last five years my artistic style has definitely become more distinctive and accurately characteristic of me i would say. I think there are still many parts of my early work that are present today but the path of discovery is much different.

For example stylistically, i think there is always a part of me that wants to create that jazzy dusty sound, and another part that is always wanting to explore others styles.

Do you have specific goals or aspirations in the future or does your music dictate where you are headed?  

I definitely have goals outside of music. with art & fashion primarily. i think music has always been the quickest vessel in helping me get my message across, but my love for fashion and creating in general takes me down a lot of different roads. i meet people in all different industries. I want to get into acting and having art exhibitions and i’m sure music will probably be the gateway for me.

Where do you think your creativity stems from? 

Wherever my creativity stems from it’s deeply rooted. it stems from life & time in all tenses (past, present, & future). A lot of times when i create it’s like i’m in a trance channeling energies & juggling inspiration. I think the more i learn of the world and my ancestors, the more they became a source; the more i became inspired by their journey and saw the similarities in the past and the present.  

What advice would you tell your younger self?   

I would tell my younger self to save your money more & that comfortability and style are a lethal combination. Keep doing your thing because hard work pays off, but to be more patient and forgiving with life and yourself.  

What lessons have you learned from your past? Or What lesson did you learn the hard way?   

A lesson i learned from my past is not everyone will like you, but you can’t let that get to you. 

Be true to yourself and know that not everyone’s pace or story is yours. i think we can really psyche ourselves out comparing ourselves or our lives and position in life to where you think you should be. life throws you curveballs but fortune always favors those that are prepared. always stay focused even through discouraging times — easier said than done. 

Why is evolution important to what you do and who you are and where you want to go?  

Evolution is important because i aim for everything i create to be timeless. i think the more i evolve in different areas, whether that’s as a sound artist, as a writer, or as a designer, the more eclectic and knowledgeable my art will be.  

Whatever i bring to the table will be of greater and greater substance for anyone that wants to chime in.

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