Using 'IKIGAI' to Find Your Purpose in Life

How to find your purpose using the Japanese concept — Ikigai.

1. Do What You Love.

What do you like to do? In which activities are you completely absorbed or enthusiastic? What interests you so much that you want to deepen your knowledge and skills in it? In which activities do you feel completely in the moment and connected with the world? When do you feel joy in life?

2. Do What You Are Good At.

What can you do well? In which areas do you know more than the average person? When do you feel you have superior insight and ability? What are the things you could teach others? What resources and meta-skills do you have to develop yourself?

3. Do Something The World Needs.

What do you see as the most important things that are missing or lacking in your environment? What problems does your community face? What would you wish for your fellow human beings and the betterment of society as a whole?

4. Do What You Can Build Wealth From.

Which of your skills or which aspects of them does society recognise (financially)? Where is there potential for people to develop an interest in what you do? What would they be willing to spend money on?

Purpose lies at the intersection of the following 4 circles. Mastering these 4 things is easier said than done. Take some time to figure out the answers to these questions, and discover a whole new level of clarity in your life and sense of purpose. We hope that this ancient structure will inspire you to organise your thoughts and priorities to help nurture success and meaning in whatever your pursuit is.

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